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Wholesale Info

If you have a Store, and want to re-sell Poster Pop Merchandise:

  1. Create a User Account and Password via Sign in or Create an account
  2. Then, After Creating an Account, send an email to

Specify your Name, Store Name, Email you want to log in with, Telephone Number, and any other Pertinent information.

If approved, or already a Current Poster Pop Wholesale Customer, we will set you up for a Wholesale Account. We will then send you an email with approval and instructions.

Once set up, you will be able to log in and place orders with exact Wholesale Pricing, and Shipping.

Note: Wholesale Customers located in California, must fill out, sign and fax in the California Resale Certificate, which will be emailed to you.

Please email, or Call us at 714-842-2792 with any questions

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